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Always in Motion
CenturyLink delivers high-performance, secure, reliable and scalable clouds for any workload.
Explore the CenturyLink enterprise ready cloud.
A Cloud Platform That Is Ready for Whatever Complexity You Throw Its Way
Purpose built for global IT operations, and ready for whatever your business needs.

Complex businesses have complex requirements for their cloud deployments. So in order to meet those requirements head on, those businesses need the right IT environment to move their enterprise applications into the cloud-an environment comprised of advanced infrastructure, applications and managed services. They're looking for a single, integrated cloud platform that's natively equipped to handle all that complexity. That's where CenturyLink Cloud fits in with a full portfolio of cloud technologies to develop and deploy your applications.

CenturyLink's Cloud infrastructure and management tools offer you an easier path to the cloud, whether you want to offload a few virtual machines, create new applications or migrate legacy workloads. And with CenturyLink's portfolio of managed services available whenever you need them, CenturyLink Cloud stands as an easy-to-start solution that's ready to scale with your business.

NEW: Gartner 2016 Magic Quadrant for Cloud IaaS

This Gartner landscape report provides you with an in-depth analysis of Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) use cases and specific vendor offerings.

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Infrastructure Innovation

Advanced storage, network and compute options for your complex, growing needs.

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Anywhere Services

Managed services available wherever your workloads are running.

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Platform Integration

Real hybrid scenarios by connecting network and support services.

Purpose Built for Enterprise IT
Breakthrough performance for data and web scale architectures.
20 K IOPS -Performance up to 20 K IOPS
10Gbps -Optimised 10Gbps networking between applicationstiers
Multi-Layer Security -Multi-Layer Security for systems and data
99.99% uptime -99.99% Uptime for every customer

Why Should You Move to CenturyLink Cloud?

CenturyLink Cloud is ready to help your enterprise tackle its most complex challenges. And here's how.

Faster time to market—Giving your business a competitive edge

Security and disaster recovery—Establish compliance, security/data protection/privacy and the ability to failover to the cloud in the event of unplanned downtime

Achieve economies of scale—Increase volume output or productivity so your cost per unit, project or product plummets

Drive real time scalability—Scale up and down based on need, project, seasonality and testing/development

Reduce spending on infrastructure—Maintain easy access to your information with minimal upfront spending allowing you to pay as you go based on demand

Reduce capital costs—There is no need to spend big money on hardware, software or licensing fees

Improve accessibility—You have anytime, anywhere access which makes your life so much easier

Greater agility—Monitor projects, people, productivity and product life cycles effectively so you can stay within budget and ahead of DevOps completion dates

The CenturyLink Cloud® Difference
When compared to competitive offerings our customers say that we outperform and exceed their expectations in these key areas:
Architecting Against Application Failure
Protect cloud applications from downtime with 'builtforfailure' services.

Today's businesses demand 24x7x365 availability of information and services. CenturyLink offers resilient cloud services that keep your applications and data continuously available. Learn how CenturyLink high availability best practices can protect your company from unplanned or extended outages.

Provides high-availability applications using CenturyLink best practices.


Nightingale Goes Hybrid

Nightingale, a provider of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and practice management solutions, needed a cost-effective way to accelerate growth in the United States while expanding their feature set-learn how CenturyLink helped make it happen.


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