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Assess and Strengthen Your Security Posture

How confident are you that you've identified all of your organisation's security and compliance vulnerabilities? Do you have the right plan, processes and technologies in place to address them? And are you prioritizing and focusing your limited security resources and budget on the areas where they can do the most good?

CenturyLink can help you answer these critical questions with a portfolio of security, risk and compliance consulting offerings-from assessment and design to full implementation. With CenturyLink, a team of proven security experts will work closely with you to uncover areas of high risk in your organisation, identify security gaps and prioritise your security and compliance efforts.

CenturyLink Security Strategy, Risk and Compliance Consulting Services:

A Security Consulting Partner You Can Count On
Trust the company that governments and financial giants depend on for comprehensive protection.

Tap into the Talent, Expertise, Resources and Best Practices Your Business Needs

CenturyLink security consulting services give you instant access to the resources, expertise and best practices you need to strengthen your security and compliance posture—in ways that complement your in-house team’s efforts and make sense for your business.

With CenturyLink’s family of security strategy, risk and compliance consulting services, your business can take advantage of:

  • Best-in-class methodologies and practices for addressing security risks
  • A team of experienced security experts and thought leaders with an average of 15 years of experience
  • A complete family of services that span the full security lifecycle—from assessments to full implementation
  • An extensive, pervasive security presence across the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia
  • Flexible, vendor-agnostic solutions that make the most of your current security and compliance investments
  • Deep industry understanding and ongoing expertise through memberships in ISO, ISACA, ISSA, IEEE and CSI

Together, these security consulting services will increase your ability to proactively identify and address your biggest security issues and gaps, align your security policies with your organisation's goals and make the most of every security dollar you invest.

Six Ways Poor Security Can Cost Your Business

Did you know the average cost of a data breach has nearly doubled in the past five years1? And that number doesn’t include the potential damage to your reputation—or the loss of valuable intellectual property. Keep your business out of danger and out of the headlines by embracing a more holistic approach to security protection, prevention and response.


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