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Managed Services
End-to-End Business Performance
Answer IT complexity with comprehensive and flexible managed services, designed to simplify, automate and accelerate your business.
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From the Desktop to the Data Centre
CenturyLink Managed Services secure and optimise your network, applications and infrastructure so you can compete at the speed of business
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Flexible & Agile
Delivery Models
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Increased Business
  • Single source, turnkey managed services provider offering end-to-end solutions
  • Experienced and accountable teams who thrive in IT complexity
  • 24x7 follow-the-sun customer support simplifies IT management
  • We build for scale, managing services across more than 60 global data centres
  • Certified experts improve agility by securing networks, infrastructure, and application environments
  • Better financial models and controls help track budgets and predict IT costs
  • Keep pace with global competition with scalable IT initiatives
  • Collaborative partnership for bimodal IT and digital transformation initiatives
  • With simplified management and costs, businesses can focus on market expansion, improved customer experience, and new business opportunities
Get new services up and running with CenturyLink IT Services & Consulting
The CenturyLink Approach to Managed IT
We design, build, and run for rapid scalability, implementation and automation




  • Discovery – Get to know business and technical requirements
  • Design Review – Ensure architecture components meet requirements
  • Confirmation – Finalize details of configuration
  • Assembly – Inventory and schedule all the equipment and components
  • Implementation – Test final configuration and fix as required
  • Turn-up – Complete installation and final sign off
  • Operate – Keep the service running to the required SLA
  • Maintain – Perform regular system maintenance and software updates
  • Monitor performance – Control and manage performance against business and technical requirements

Balancing Talent, Expertise, and Technology

Invest in managed services and leverage external skills to get more out of your internal IT staff.

As information drives business more than ever before, IT is moving from the basement to the boardroom. Fill the IT gaps in your business with the right partner and technologies so you can concentrate more on innovation and less on preservation.

Bridge the IT Innovation Gap.

balancing internal it staff vs external skills
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Technology Drives Digital Business Models

As our digital culture expands, it drives new business environments.

The enterprise IT function is more than writing code, deploying hardware, and performing data backups, it's about making the strategic changes necessary to keep up with the market.

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