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Alison Merino
Field Support Manager
BCBG Max Azria

"With the new system, without the downtime, without any of the issues we had previously, we are able to enhance the customer experience and really boost sales."

Learn how to improve online customer satisfaction
Integrated Customer Experiences For Multi-Channel Retailers

Global eCommerce sales are climbing at an unprecedented rate. To acquire a share of this burgeoning market, retailers need to delight their customers and prospects with exceptional user experiences. This means near-instantaneous response times, continuous site availability and lock-tight security.

CenturyLink understands how to deliver secure and compliant customer experiences across retailer's online eCommerce, POS, payment processing, supply chain, CRM, marketing automation, and data analytics systems. We deliver advanced consulting strategies and IT solutions for some of the world's most innovative retailers.


Improving the Customer Experience

Omni-channel shoppers expose weak links in your eCommerce infrastructure.

Ten years ago, your nearest competitor might have been around the corner, but today there are dozens of them just a click away. The modern consumer often has their first interaction with products online but wants to make their purchase in a physical store, or vice-versa. These digital savvy, mobile customers have a huge impact on how eCommerce business is conducted.

As a result, businesses need to make investments that greatly enhance the customer experience in order to stay relevant, and thereby, competitive. They need to examine their eCommerce infrastructure to ensure it's a reliable, satisfying platform for the growing number of omni-channel consumers.

Explore the rise of the omni-channel shopper.

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Kerrington L. Hing
General Manger
Waldorf Astoria

"We chose CenturyLink for the same reason our guests choose us: trust, respect, follow-up, timeliness of service, the relationship, that feeling of friendship we have from the moment we started working with the various teams at CenturyLink."

Waldorf Astoria delivers five star tradition in high IT style.

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