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Vital Business Data Made Available and Secure
Keep mission-critical data secure and highly-available for enterprise databases, big data, and analytics.
Learn how to speed big
data solution deployment
and deliver business value
through cloud-based
Flexible Storage and Backup Services
Storage agility is the single most important factor driving private cloud computing today

CenturyLink has storage and backup service options that can increase the security, performance and availability of your data while delivering on the economics of the cloud.

A storage foundation based on CenturyLink SAN or NAS technologies gives you pay as you grow sizing with multiple associated billing options, scalability from gigabytes to petabytes, and a variety of snapshot and replication options.

The CenturyLink unified storage solution eliminates the need to have a multi-tenant product for block or SAN storage and yet another for NAS storage. Backup services from CenturyLink provide scheduled backup of live business data, data encryption, restore on demand, and data vaulting to an offsite secure location.

CenturyLink storage and backup services remove the IT overhead associated with provisioning, implementation, and expert management so you can focus on your core competencies.

Solutions That Accelerate Business Performance

CenturyLink is a hands-on solutions partner that brings together the right people, industry best practices, and comprehensive network and IT services to accelerate your business.

Managed Services

CenturyLink Managed Services secure and optimise your network, applications and infrastructure so you can compete at the speed of business.

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Six Ways Disaster Recovery Can Cost you

Find out how much the weak links in your disaster recovery plan are impacting your bottom-line.

Learn about the common blind spots in disaster recovery strategies. From identifying mission-critical workloads to communicating recovery processes, your business can avoid the high costs of unplanned outages if you identify and address your weak links.

Find out how to assess these flaws and avoid the losses they can incur by reading "The Cost of Disaster Recovery."

storage disaster recovery
Unlock the
Promise of Data

Explore the growing disparity
between new data analytics trends
and older, more scripted strategies.

Read the "Big Data Culture Clash"

Data-Driven Businesses Develop Better Insights
Enterprise data contains lots of valuable business insights that need extracting with newer data-driven analytic techniques.

Data analysts are accustomed to working against a requirements-based model when analysing data, answering predefined business questions. But working with big data necessitates a new approach where analysts explore nonexistent or ill-formed business questions.

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