Why your business needs a Content Delivery Network (CDN) 

18 May 2020 | Chris Rezentes, Director, Product Management (Network), CenturyLink Asia Pacific
The connected customer of today is at the heart of digital engagement strategies, and businesses are striving to meet rising expectations by delivering on-demand, personalized, and engaging digital experiences.

Customers want instant access to content and an omnichannel experience today. A Zendesk study reported that as many as 87% of customers feel brands need to do more to provide a seamless experience. And with mobile connectivity's penetration in our everyday lives, user expectations in the on-demand digital economy of today are higher than ever. Indeed, a new generation of mobile-first users has raised the bar for seamless customer experience to dizzying heights. So much so that, research data from Google revealed 53% of mobile visits were abandoned for pages that took longer than three seconds to load.

Across Australia, enterprises are rising to this radical shift in consumer behavior. According to a 451 Research survey, 48% of Australian businesses have already prepared formal strategies for digital transformation while another 29% have begun work on siloed digital transformation projects in a bid to improve customer experience. This massive move couldn’t have come at a better time as Australians consume over 10 hours of digital media each week. Australians also have a strong liking towards TV, with the everyday Australian spending an average of 3 hours and 14 minutes watching television.

In response to this change in media consumption behavior, the Australian digital advertising market reached A$9.3B in 2019. Likewise, many businesses are increasingly turning to network solutions like content delivery networks (CDN) to provide consistent content that exceeds customer expectations. Here, we will learn the fundamentals of CDNs and see how the right CDN provider can help businesses in Australia speed up content distribution and optimization.

What is a CDN, and what are its different aspects? 
What are the major CDN trends for the upcoming year? 
Why is a CDN important for digital businesses?
What are the key benefits of choosing the right CDN provider?

How can CenturyLink help businesses? 

CenturyLink global CDN has Points of Presence (PoPs) across six continents and 120 major markets. A trusted CDN provider, CenturyLink is partnered with Streamroot and offers a P2P networking platform through a mesh network to direct peak traffic loads easily. CenturyLink's CDN Mesh Delivery marries the power of its global CDN with the scalability and resilience of a distributed mesh architecture to help it optimize on-demand and live streaming content quality and delivery.

Geographically diverse origin storage is a crucial element in delivering satisfying user experiences. The CenturyLink® CDN Object Storage is a scalable CDN solution that offers content providers benefits like rapid transfer, high-availability, and security of content. CenturyLink's expansive CDN solutions allow businesses to successfully expand their global reach and overcome infrastructure limitations at the same time.

How can you future-proof your network delivery? 

Global gaming company relies on a multi-CDN model for its 40MM+ players

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