Don’t Let Your Legacy Phone System Waste More Resources

VoIP is the Path to Better Voice and Unified Communications

CenturyLink® VoIP solutions replace your aging phone systems with a simple, scalable and mobile solution.

We get it. Your legacy systems are growing outdated and are poorly equipped to handle the new communications technology requirements of your increasingly mobile workforce. Add in the difficulty of managing and maintaining aging equipment with the budgetary headache of unpredictable repair or replacement expenses and it's clear your business needs a better way to communicate. That's where CenturyLink can help.

Our portfolio of VoIP solutions allows you to address these challenges with easy to manage solutions. Moving to CenturyLink VoIP simplifies management and reduces costs by using one network for both voice and data services.


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VoIP Products and Services

Choose from the options below to build a voice solution that fits your business.
SIP Trunk Extend the capabilities of your existing, legacy PBX hardware while combining your separate voice and data networks into a fully interoperable and scalable IP-based voice and data communications network.
Hosted VoIP Hosted VoIP allows you to merge your separate voice and data networks and gives you benefits like scale, administrative control and mobility without the capital expense of new equipment.

VoIP is the Path to Better Voice and Unified Communications

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Regain Productivity by Combining Your Voice and Data NetworksCenturyLink Global Managed Hosting
The average employee loses 58 days a year due to outdated communications technology. See how CenturyLink VoIP gives you greater efficiency at lower costs.
The Business Benefits of Moving to VoIP
This white paper analyses why a move from TDM to VoIP is a beneficial solution for today's enterprise. VoIP solutions from CenturyLink offer increased productivity, greater business efficiencies, simplified management and reduced costs over legacy voice services, which makes it the ideal enterprise communications solution.
Calculate the Total Cost of Ownership of Your Hosted VoIP Service
Want to know if CenturyLink hosted VoIP makes financial sense for your business? Our VoIP TCO calculator compares the 3-year TCO of your current voice service versus a CenturyLink VoIP solution.

Which VoIP Solution is Right for You

Discover which VoIP solution will best meet your needs.

When to select Hosted VoIP:

If you don't own a business PBX, or if your PBX is too expensive to maintain and support, then CenturyLink Hosted VoIP is perfect for your business. With Hosted VoIP, you get all the capabilities of a dedicated PBX without the capital and maintenance costs. CenturyLink Hosted VoIP is highly scalable and can support up to 10,000 users per site. Use Hosted VoIP for remote users and branch locations of your business.

When to select IQ SIP Trunk:

If you have an existing analog or digital PBX systems that you’re not quite ready to replace, then CenturyLink IQ® SIP Trunk is the ideal choice—particularly if you’re under an existing lease and maintenance agreement. You will be able to keep the voice systems you already have in place but eliminate the costs of separate data and voice networks. Choose CenturyLink IQ SIP Trunk if you want to add VoIP functionality to your IP data network, and gain a scalable suite of interoperable WAN services at a single location—such as a corporate headquarters.


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