Dedicated Servers Deployed on Your Terms

Scalable servers provide your business with the flexibility and security for your most demanding workloads. 

The Best of Both Worlds

Bare metal servers are fully integrated into CenturyLink Cloud, allowing you to create and manage physical servers alongside virtual instances. Provision bare metal on and off as needed with pay-as-you go flexibility, and host a wide range of apps from a unified interface. Ideal for compute-intensive applications like databases, analytics jobs, grid computing and other workloads requiring consistent performance.
Bare Metal Benefits
Consistent Performance
Compute and storage is isolated to ensure a high level of performance for compute-intensive workloads or “batch” jobs needing bursts of compute power for a short time.
Fast Deployment
In traditional data centre or colocation environments, the provisioning timeline is measured in days or weeks. Bare metal servers are available in an hour or less resulting in no organisational downtime.
Hourly Billing
You are billed hourly for the life of the server, so you only pay for what you use. Spin up machines when you need them and de-provision when you're done.


Bare Metal Features

Multiple Configuration Options
  • Select from a variety of configuration options designed to meet different compute requirements.
  • Popular Operating Systems available:
    • Windows Server, Standard and Datacenter Editions
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
    • CentOS
    • Ubuntu
Security and Connectivity
  • Provision servers with user-defined firewall polices.
  • Fully encrypted local storage isolates and protects data.
  • Use Cloud Network Services—our secure, high-performance transit network—to connect Bare Metal servers with other infrastructure deployments to create hybrid environments.
Integrated Management
  • Configure, run, and manage bare metal servers through the Control Portal.
  • Leverage CenturyLink Cloud® REST API to create or decommission physical servers and manage power operations.
  • Deploy physical and virtual servers side-by-side in the same group and VLAN; this dramatically simplifies administration of hybrid solutions.


Consider Bare Metal Servers When…

Applications need to be run off-premises, but their architectures can't be easily supported in virtualised environments
Compliance- and security-sensitive applications require physical isolation of data
Large amounts of data processing are needed for short bursts of time, a common scenario in grid computing in the financial services or oil and gas industries
Transitioning from hosting or colocation to on-demand cloud infrastructure


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