Keep Your Business Up and Running with SHNS

Point-to-point service that connects two customer or wire centre locations.

Who can blame you for wanting to avoid downtime at all costs? Fortunately, CenturyLink offers a solution that allows you to minimise this pesky part of doing business without breaking the bank. Ethernet over Self-Healing Network Services (SHNS) provides business continuation, disaster recovery, and survivability through a failure-resistant telecommunications network. The service is designed to automatically detect service degradation or a single failure anywhere within the system. It then reconfigures itself around the point of failure to ensure a near-continuous flow of information between those locations that are within the survivable network.



  • Drop-and-Insert Multiplexing Enables Pre-Designation of the Number of Individual Channels Serving Each Location to Meet Usage Needs
  • Performance Monitoring with Detailed Performance Information and Real-Time Status Verifications
  • Central Office Connecting Channel Provides for Connections to Another SHNS Ring or From the SHNS Ring to any Central-Office-Based Service that Interfaces at the Same Bandwidth
  • Connection to Multiple CenturyLink-Provided Services, Including DS-1, DS-3, Digital Switched Service, and Switched Access Service
  • Broad Applications for Networks of All Sizes
  • Instantaneous Re-Routing of Transmissions Within 50 Milliseconds
  • Range of System Bandwidth Capacities (155.52Mbps, 622.08Mbps, 2.488Gbps and 9.95Gbps data speeds)
  • Constant Network Monitoring Includes Standard 24-Hour Alarm Surveillance and/or Performance Monitoring
  • Software Reconfiguration Capability Allows Reconfiguration of Existing Channels within the SHNS on a Daily Basis to Suit Changing Operational Demands
  • SONET Multiplexing Allows High-Bandwidth Circuits to be Multiplexed into Lower Bandwidth Circuits Inside a SONET System


  • Provides Nearly Instantaneous Switch-to-Protection Path—Not to Exceed 50 Milliseconds
  • Offers Customised Solutions Designed to Specific Requirements and Precise Network Needs
  • Includes Out of Service Credits
  • Provides Scalability and Flexibility
  • Provides Security and Reliability
  • Eliminates Costly Downtime
  • Supports New Technology with Minimal Re-Engineering and Cost

SST is a point-to-point service that connects two customer or wire centre locations. You can also tie together more locations by cross-connecting SST systems or connecting with other services. Should your network sustain a fibre cut, SST's four-fibre configuration makes it possible for your network to remain functional. The service allows multiple circuit types, such as DS-1, DS-3, STS-1, OC-3, OC-3c (concatenated), OC-12, OC-12c, OC-48, OC-48c, 10 Mb Ethernet, 100 Mb Ethernet and 1 Gigabit Ethernet, to ride the SST separately or in combination, meeting your unique volume-transport needs. SONET technology provides your network the highest level of survivability available today.

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Where digital business goes to network