A Comprehensive Approach to Cybersecurity

Get multi-layered, network-based cybersecurity solutions from CenturyLink.

See the key factors security leaders consider when choosing a managed security service provider.

IT Security and Compliance

Limit your exposure to cyberattacks with advanced security solutions, backed by advanced threat intelligence and security experts.
Infrastructure & Network Security
Defend your infrastructure from external threats by fortifying your network perimeter with multi-layered security.
Risk & Compliance
Get the expert, personalised guidance you need to build a more secure and compliant organisation.
Email and Web Security
Secure your enterprise applications from intruders that want to use software as an entry point to your data.
Analytics & Threat Management
CenturyLink Analytics and Threat Management Services enable you to act on threats rather than dig for them.

Protect Your Business and Customers from Cyber Attacks

Get robust, fully-managed cyber-protection from CenturyLink.

  • Detect and thwart cybercriminal and hacker activity
  • CenturyLink design, installation and maintenance

  • Continuous proactive security monitoring
  • Real time usage and performance notifications

Get the CenturyLink 2018 Threat Report
CenturyLink Threat Research Labs gathered and analysed traffic across our global network. The result: a groundbreaking report full of actionable insights designed to protect us, as well as our customers-Download the CenturyLink 2018 Threat Report today.


  • The 2018 global cybersecurity threat landscape
  • Malicious traffic, C2s and compromised hosts by country of origin
  • Top 5 Bot hosting and trafficked countries
  • A review of DDOS IoT Botnets
  • Active C2s, command types and volumes for Gafgyt and Mirai attacks
  • The CenturyLink Threat Research Labs difference
Empower Your Employees to Defend Your Organisation Against Cyberattacks

Train your employees in cybersecurity awareness and how to recognise phishing scams, so that they can be your first line of defence.

WorkWise™ Cybersecurity Awareness Training
OnePhish™ Phishing Simulator for Cybersecurity Awareness

Managing Cybersecurity Risk through Digital Transformation
This study by 451 Research reveals the close connection between cybersecurity and digital transformation and why businesses must seek to align these efforts.
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