Cybersecurity Awareness Starts with Your People

When employees know how to identify, act and respond to threats, they can become your organisation's strongest line of defence. Empower them with cybersecurity awareness and action training.

Build a Security-Minded Organisation

Create a security culture by training and preparing your employees to protect information and assets. So you can stay safer-and keep moving forward.

Reduced Risk

Reduce the risk and cost of a data breach to your digital, physical and intellectual assets

Data Security

Establish data security as a ‘cultural priority’ by keeping employees informed


Help your employees keep each other accountable for security efforts


Invest in cost-effective security training to prevent large data breach fix and recover costs

Reduced breaches

Reduce the incidences of ‘human factor’ security breaches, fines, lawsuits and forced auditing

customer confidence

Give customers more confidence when they provide their personal information

OnePhish Phishing Simulator for Cybersecurity Awareness
OnePhish is an online phishing simulator that can help you easily conduct authorised attacks to evaluate and re-evaluate employee susceptibility to socially engineered tactics. It’s phishing without any of the danger.
Phishing attacks pose a serious threat. Especially when employees aren't trained to detect and handle them. OnePhish™ is designed with intuitive menus and allows non-experts to coordinate a simulated attack from set up to activity report review.
WorkWise Cybersecurity Awareness Training
WorkWise from CenturyLink is an online training course designed to help employees understand the security implications of their actions and change their behavior.
When it comes to security, your biggest liability isn’t your technology—it’s your people. Endorsed by leading industry experts, WorkWise continues beyond awareness by including best practices.  Each awareness training takes about an hour and a half to complete. And each topic takes less than twenty minutes.


InteProIQ and CenturyLink Join Forces to Offer Security Awareness Training

InteProIQ and CenturyLink have partnered to offer organisations a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that focuses on reducing human error and increasing threat awareness.

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